Stand against vaccine mandates

The Connecticut State constitution guarantees a free public education to all children, but HB 6423 blocked thousands of children from attending public and private Connecticut schools due to their family’s religious beliefs.

There were unprecedented levels of outspoken opposition from constituents, including ta 24 hour public hearing which only allowed a fraction of those who signed up to speak to be able to. 99% of those who spoke were opposed to the bill, but the bill passed the House and Senate and was signed by Governor Lamont.

Many residents of District 36 tried in vain to contact our Senator Alex Kasser to explain why we felt so strongly against the bill but constituents felt ignored and dismissed.

Racial injustice

This law disproportionally impacts affected persons of color who may not have the resources to move out of state or homeschool.

Religious discrimination

This law creates religious discrimination by explicitly eliminating the decades-long religious exemption for families to opt out of injections that are against their religious beliefs.

Government Over reach

Medical decisions should be between parents, or individuals, and their doctors. Anything else is government over reach.

Support the Lawsuit

We believe this law is unconstitutional and we invite you to learn more about and support a lawsuit seeking to overturn the law. Please click here to visit the lawsuit fundraiser page.